The Lefkoe InstituteConventional executive coaching helps people discover what to do and how to do it. That’s clearly important. But what if you know what to do and how to do it … but are sabotaged by your own internal barriers?

For example, what if you know that yelling at people is ineffective, but you believe the way to be in control is to have others do exactly what I want them to do? What behavior would that belief lead to?

What if you know that your company wants you to be innovative and take some reasonable chances (and you have the ability to be innovative), but you have the beliefs: Mistakes and failure are bad and If I make a mistake or fail I’ll be rejected? What behavior would that belief lead to?

So rather than teach you how to exhibit new desirable behaviors, we help you eliminate the cause of your undesirable behaviors and your barriers to desirable behavior.

Just like Apple introduced products no one even knew they wanted until they got them, so, too, the Lefkoe Institute offers dramatic results that often are not requested because people don’t know their behavior and feelings are caused primarily by beliefs that can be easily unlearned, leading to swift and profound behavioral and emotional change.

(See two of Morty Lefkoe’s blog posts for a further explanation of this point: “How To Change Human Nature” and “What you Don’t Know You Don’t Know”)

Our three ways to produce lasting change

Human behavior and emotional reactions are caused by three separate phenomena:

  • Our beliefs about ourselves, people, and life (this is the primary source)
  • Feelings we have been conditioned to have
  • How reality occurs for us, in other words, the meaning we give events as they happen, moment to moment.

To learn how each causes undesirable behavior and reactions that would impair your ability to be truly effective in your job, click on the links below.


I first heard about Morty Lefkoe when I was listening to a piece on NPR. His claim that he can help you change behavior, bad habits, limiting beliefs, etc. in a few short sessions was extremely powerful. Being a well-educated, long-time businessman (entrepreneur and lawyer) I am naturally cynical about the validity of such claims.

Morty has helped me with public speaking, something which I used to fear but now have come to enjoy and something I excel at.

I regularly refer Morty to key individuals in my company – sometimes paying for the sessions myself. The results that Morty brings are a gift to my key employees and a gift to me.
Paul Morris, Regional Director Center/Southern California, Keller Williams Realty
Through your leadership we bought into the idea that we’re all limited by our personal and corporate belief systems. There have been enormous improvements in our corporate culture and our ability to communicate with each other as a result of having gone through your Lefkoe Belief Process. I might add that our corporate sales and profits have continuously headed upward and at this moment we are experiencing record profits.
Mike Copps, CEO, The Copps Corporation