Although there are thousands of executive coaches, many of whom produce excellent results, no one else to our knowledge has a track record of being able to help clients permanently eliminate beliefs, de-condition conditionings, and dissolve the meaning given events as they happen in order to produce lasting behavioral and emotional change.

Moreover, no one else to our knowledge has three independent university research studies to prove their claims. Psychologists at the University of Arizona conducted all of the studies.

The first study showed that The Lefkoe Method (the name given to all the change processes we use) was able to significantly improve self-esteem in incarcerated youth and adults.

The second study, published in a peer-reviewed psychological journal (Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy), proved that it is possible to not only reduce the fear of public speaking; it is possible to eliminate it completely.

Subjects ranked their fear of public speaking at an average of “7” on a 1-10 scale (1 being no fear at all and 10 being terror) before unlearning the beliefs and de-conditioning the conditionings that caused the fear. After spending less than four hours using TLM, their mean score was reduced to “1.5.” Six months later it was still under “2.”

For a copy of the peer-reviewed journal article that describes this study in detail, please click here.

After following up with subjects a year after the study’s completion, the lead investigator of the research study said:

We had expected that the fear would come back but it didn’t. They had, in fact, changed. Their fear of public speaking was gone.
Dr. Lee Sechrest, Professor Emeritus, University of Arizona

The third research project studied our Natural Confidence (NC) on-line digital program that helps people eliminate 19 of the most common beliefs and four of the most common conditionings. The goal of the research was to determine what impact this program would have on self-esteem, negative and positive feelings, and stress.

This study has not yet been published, but it concluded that unlearning the 19 beliefs and de-conditioning the four conditionings on the NC program reduced the stress measurement by over 51%. Because we will help you eliminate most, if not all, of these beliefs and conditionings, you should reduce your level of stress by at least that much.