The Lefkoe InstituteAlthough each assignment is custom-tailored to your needs, we generally are engaged for an initial three-month period.

  • We talk to you and find out what you think are your major barriers. We also get a list of four or five people who you suggest we call to find out what they think are your biggest barriers.
  • We interview the people on the list to find out what issues and barriers they think you should be working on. We also will ask them to rate the extent of the issue on a scale of 1-10, 1 being that this item (such as delegation) isn’t a problem at all, 10 being that you never delegate anything and tries to do it all yourself.
  • We then have 13 weekly one-hour sessions with you. At the first one we discuss what we learned in the interviews and we rank the issues we agree to work on in order of priority.
  • Each week during our session we will eliminate beliefs and conditionings that are the source of each barrier. We should be able to totally eliminate from three to five barriers during the 13 weeks.
  • We will spend the balance of our session teaching you how to distinguish between events and the meaning we unconsciously and automatically give events. Then we will teach you how to dissolve the meaning. When the meaning dissolves two things happen: First, all negative feelings also dissolve, resulting in virtually no stress and emotional suffering. Second, dissolving meaning results in you being able to see many new possibilities/opportunities that could not be seen before.
  • After the final session, we will ask you and the other people who originally rated you to do a new rating. Because The Lefkoe Method usually results in issues/barriers disappearing, rather than merely improving, there is usually a significant improvement in each of the issues we work on.
  • If there are still barriers on the list that were not handled in the first 13-week program, you can choose to extend our engagement.
  • You can call your facilitator at any time you need some support without any additional charge.


People have changed how they look at the world, both here at Kondex and at home. Changing people’s beliefs has led to people seeing a lot more possibilities.
Jim Wessing, President, Kondex

A letter from the Executive Vice-President of the Copps Corporation.

The Lefkoe Method has incredible implications for any organization. One morning last April I arrived at one of our locations only to be told one of our team members was planning on giving his notice later that day. This person had an exemplary career and his performance was nothing short of great. According to peers the pressures and magnitude of the job had become overwhelming. This young man was burdening himself with doubts about himself and his concentration was getting worse by the day. He was a perfectionist and clearly was run by self-induced stress. He also avoided paper work.

I advised him to try The Lefkoe Method before he did his family and himself irreparable damage by terminating himself. He agreed and the rest is history. He has continued as a productive member of our team and has unbridled himself of all his doubts and fears. The stress is gone, the perfectionism is gone, and the paper work is now getting handled on time.

Imagine what savings could be incurred if systematically people could be saved vs. the horrendous costs involved in employee turnover. We owe it to ourselves and our company to preserve our most precious assets – our people.
Donald C. (Lucky) Copps Executive VP Merchandising, The Copps Corporation

A couple of weeks after Lucky sent us the email printed above, he sent us another that is quoted in full below:

Every once in a while you receive a true gift. I just opened one.[The manager’s wife] sent me a hand written note of thanks (quite lengthy) for the help provided to her husband and father of their family. She indicated [he] had been seeking help for some time and not until my referral of [him] to you had anything worthwhile happened. Her quote ‘He has been able to overcome most of the problems and is truly a happier and healthier person.’

We Done Good!

Thanks for helping a young man get back on track to a productive and healthy co-existence with family, work and life in general.
Donald C. (Lucky) Copps Executive VP Merchandising, The Copps Corporation