On our Home Page we describe how we can significantly increase the effectiveness of all your managers and executives, and help them become more effective leaders. In addition to providing the same services to your sales personnel, we also offer other valuable benefits designed specifically to increase the effectiveness of salespeople.

Here are three typical problems that sales personnel encounter, which the Lefkoe Institute can help them eliminate.

A common belief in sales is, The only way to get an order is to have a price lower than the competition. If your organization provides greater value at a higher price, a salesperson with this belief will be unable to present your increased value to customers effectively and he will walk into a customer’s office believing that he will not get the sale. We can help him eliminate this belief.

Another common belief that affects salespeople is, What makes me good enough and important is having people think well of me. Someone with this belief is frequently concerned about what other think of her; a “no” means someone doesn’t like her. If one’s sense of self-worth is up for grabs every time one makes a cold call, one will resist making cold calls. We can help her eliminate this belief.

Finally, when people are turned down, whether in cold calling or in asking for the order, that event “occurs” to many of them as rejection—as an indictment on them as a human being: “They don’t want me.” Because that experience is so painful, many people resist cold calling and asking for the order rather than do something that might result in a “no.”

We can help them learn how to dissolve “occurrings” like this and realize that a “no” has no inherent meaning. By the way, there is a world of different between understanding intellectually that events have no inherent meaning (but still feeling you are being rejected), and dissolving specific meanings totally (and having the feeling caused by the meaning disappear also).