President, Lefkoe Institute
January 13, 2011

Many years ago, the singer Peggy Lee recorded a song called, “Is That All There Is?” Though we all feel that something is missing from our lives at times, it’s important to know how to translate this sentiment into small business success.

Why do we feel that there is something missing in our lives?

As I’ve mentioned before, we develop certain beliefs as children, including: There’s never enough; Nothing I do is good enough; I’ll never have enough money/love/friends/success; and, No matter how much I have, there seems to be something missing.

Assume that your parents were very critical of you as a child and rarely acknowledged your achievements. No matter what you did, they focused on what you didn’t do and expected you to do better. This is frequently the cause of negative beliefs and poor self-image.

If you want to change how you feel, you have to change your beliefs. By eliminating these thoughts and feelings, you’ll open yourself up to new possibilities and business ventures.

Our beliefs determine our possibilities

The possibilities that exist in your life are defined by your beliefs. When you say that something is impossible or that you don’t deserve it, it actually becomes impossible for you.

Likewise, if you believe that life is difficult, you will interpret every experience as an obstacle. If you believe that you’re not capable of achieving something, you most likely won’t even try. For a small business owner to succeed, he has to believe that it’s possible.

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“Meaning” is only in our mind

If you try to visualize the sentiment, “I’m not good enough,” you’ll realize that you can’t. The feeling isn’t a truth; rather, it is a reaction to your parents behavior. By internalizing these beliefs as a child, you unknowingly set yourself up for failure. You concluded that you often fail at tasks and don’t deserve success.

As an adult, even though you might consciously realize that these beliefs are silly and illogical, on some deep level you continue to perceive them as truth. When you eliminate these thoughts, you can move forward with the confidence needed for small business success.

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