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We Guarantee Changes
In Managerial And Executive Behavior
That Will Improve Your Bottom Line

The biggest barrier to your company's profits is not “out there” in the world—competition, costs, government, or an uncertain economy—instead, it's inside the minds of your employees. The Lefkoe Institute assists managers and executives to radically change their mindset—so as to be more innovative, to be able to initiate and deal effectively with constant change, to be able to interact more effectively with others, and to be able make effective presentations both within and outside the company without fear.

There are very few ways of creating LASTING mind-set changes FAST. We offer one that does. The revolutionary change processes we have developed—and that have been proven in several independent research studies to produce fundamental and lasting change—are not offered by anyone else in the world, to the best of our knowledge.

Most behavior is driven by our deep-seated (and typically unconscious) beliefs.

  • If a manager or executive believes it's bad to make mistakes, he will be afraid to be innovative and try new things because of the increased possibility of failure.
  • If a manager or executive believes what makes me important is having people think well of me, she will be obsessively concerned with the opinion of others and will do and say things just to get others' approval.
  • If a manager or executive believes I know what to do and I can't trust anyone else to get the job done, he will find it almost impossible to delegate work to others.
  • If a manager or executive believes that what makes me good enough is doing things perfectly, she will put things off as long as you can.

In other words, what your managers and executives need to be truly effective at their jobs is to eliminate their deep-seated limiting beliefs.

As an HR Executive, I have many requests for coaching to address a myriad of leadership development and behavioral issues. I have used many different types of coaches over the past 30 years to address these requests. The Lefkoe Method is unique in that it eliminates the belief structure that impedes true and lasting change. I highly recommend The Lefkoe Method for leaders, high potential employees and organizations who need to change quickly with unprecedented ease. They will eliminate your belief that change is hard and takes a long time.

Shelly Begun
Senior Vice President
WW Human Resources at Service-now.com

The Lefkoe Institute's unique offerings

The Lefkoe Institute's exclusive change techniques enable our clients to eradicate their inner barriers to doing what needs to be done. The techniques make it possible for your managers and executives to unlearn the specific underlying beliefs that keep them from making full use of their skills and experience.

You may not believe that deep, permanent changes are achievable in human behavior, but we help our clients create useful changes beyond what you might have ever thought possible.

Just like Apple introduced products no one even knew they wanted until they got them, so, too, the Lefkoe Institute offers unimaginable results that usually are not requested because people don't know their behavior and feelings are caused primarily by beliefs that can be easily unlearned, leading to swift and profound behavioral and emotional change.

(See two of Morty Lefkoe's blog posts for a further explanation of this point: “How To Change Human Nature" http://www.mortylefkoe.com/change-human-nature/ and "What you Don't Know You Don't Know" http://www.mortylefkoe.com/dont-dont/)

We think that the change processes you will find described on this site are unique.

Conventional executive coaching helps people discover what to do and how to do it. That's clearly important. But what if your managers and executives know what to do and how to do it ... but are up against their own internal barriers to doing it?

For example, what if they know that yelling at people is ineffective, but they believe the way to be in control is to have others do exactly what I want them to do? What if they know that you want them to be innovative and take some reasonable chances (and they have the ability to be innovative), but they have the beliefs: Mistakes and failure are bad and If I make a mistake or fail I'll be rejected?

So rather than teach them how to exhibit new desirable behaviors, we help them eliminate the cause of their undesirable behaviors and their barriers to desirable behavior.

We've had 29 years of experience helping people create fundamental change in their lives, during which we have worked directly with over 14,000 private clients in 142 countries. Almost 150,000 people have used our revolutionary change processes in an on-line program.

“I used the The Lefkoe Method NEXT DAY (without my notes handy) with a Deloitte & Touche client, who was so personally distraught, there was no point in talking business during our executive coaching session. If you could have seen the radiance on that face after an hour! So ... the tool is powerful and rich!”

Agnes Mura, MA MCC, Executive Coach, Past President, LA PCMA
(Professional Coaches and Mentors Association)

The benefits we promise to provide

In addition to any specific changes you request us to help a client make, we will look at each of the following issues and help clients unlearn any beliefs that may be leading to issues in any of these areas.

  • Creativity
  • Decisiveness
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Ability to delegate effectively
  • Level of confidence
  • Tendency to blame others
  • Does the client's concern with the opinion of others and with being liked by others prevent him/her from saying or doing things that might not be popular
  • Innovativeness
  • Ability to build good relationships with bosses, peers, subordinates, and customers
  • Ability to truly listen to others and get their point of view
  • Ability to deal effectively with conflict
  • Ability to communicate effectively with others
  • Procrastination—putting things off until the last moment
  • Resistance to trying new things
  • Degree to which they are concerned about “covering their ass”
  • Degree to which they stifle innovation by their direct reports
  • Ability to deal with stress
  • Ability to deal effectively with change
  • Fear of public speaking

Can you see how key managers and executives making significant improvements in these behaviors and traits would have a positive impact on your bottom line?

“I first heard about Morty Lefkoe when I was listening to a piece on NPR. His claim that he can help you change behavior, bad habits, limiting beliefs, etc. in a few short sessions was extremely powerful. Being a well-educated, long-time businessman (entrepreneur and lawyer) I am naturally cynical about the validity of such claims.

“Morty has helped me with public speaking, something which I used to fear but now have come to enjoy and something I excel at.

“I regularly refer Morty to key individuals in my company – sometimes paying for the sessions myself. The results that Morty brings are a gift to my key employees and a gift to me.”

Paul Morris, Regional Director Center/Southern California,
Keller Williams Realty

How To Be Successful In A World Of Constant Change

In a world that changes slowly, you want people to do tomorrow what worked yesterday. You already know what has worked so you want to keep repeating it without significant deviation.

But in a world that is changing rapidly, where what worked yesterday either is inappropriate for today's world or is actually detrimental to success in tomorrow's world, you need constant innovation. In this type of environment the question changes from: What did we do yesterday that worked?—to: What do we need to create to be successful in this new environment?

To learn how we help managers and executives deal more effectively with a world of constant change, please click here.

“Learning and using the Lefkoe Belief Process have resulted in better teamwork, increased delegation and empowerment throughout the company, and quicker resolution of problems. These improvements have been significant and they occurred quickly.”

Russ Scott, President, Duratrack

Our services

Although each assignment is custom-tailored to the client's needs, we generally are engaged for a three-month period to work with each client.

  • We start with a conference call that includes the client and his/her immediate supervisor where we determine the issues to be worked on and their priority.

  • After that we usually have a phone or Skype session of about an hour each week for the 13 weeks of our engagement.

  • We also are available for short consultations whenever a client feels a need to talk to us.

The primary purpose of the weekly sessions is to help the client eliminate all the beliefs that are the ultimate source of his/her issues. That removes the barriers that inhibit the client from doing what he/she already knows to do.

“The Lefkoe Institute broadened our thinking by getting us to question some of our long-held beliefs. That enabled us to develop new solutions we couldn't have even imagined before. LI's techniques peel away old ways of thinking and open the mind to realizing that almost anything is possible.”

Mike Smith, former CEO, Lands' End

“People have changed how they look at the world, both here at Kondex and at home. Changing people's beliefs has led to people seeing a lot more possibilities.”

Jim Wessing, President, Kondex

Our arsenal of change processes is unmatched

Human behavior and emotional reactions are caused by three separate phenomena:

  • Our beliefs about ourselves, people, and life (this is the primary source)
  • Feelings we have been conditioned to have
  • How reality occurs for us, in other words, the meaning we give events as they happen, moment to moment.

To learn how each causes undesirable behavior and reactions that would impair your managers' and executives' ability to be effective in their jobs, click on the links below.




"Through your leadership we bought into the idea that we're all limited by our personal and corporate belief systems. There have been enormous improvements in our corporate culture and our ability to communicate with each other as a result of having gone through your Lefkoe Belief Process. I might add that our corporate sales and profits have continuously headed upward and at this moment we are experiencing record profits."

Mike Copps, CEO of The Copps Corporation

Independent research studies validate our change techniques

No one else to our knowledge has a track record of being able to help clients quickly and permanently eliminate beliefs, de-condition conditionings, and dissolve the meaning given events as they happen in order to produce permanent behavior change. Moreover, no one else to our knowledge has three independent university research studies to prove our claims.

For information about those studies, please click here.

To contact us

See the links to the left of this page to find additional information about the Lefkoe Institute and learn how we already have helped tens of thousands of individuals and scores of organizations. If you have additional questions or wish to discuss a possible engagement, please contact Morty Lefkoe at 415-884-0552 or [email protected]